5 Easy suggestions for beating writers block when writing an article

There is more to writing an engaging article than just putting your thoughts into words. The secret is to capture your reader’s attention and never let that attention wander! It’s about engaging your audience enough to keep reading, which comes from having a firm grasp on their interests. It’s about piquing their curiosity.
Doing this requires some creativity. Now, even if creativity comes more naturally to some of us, all writers go through a writer’s block at some point in time. Countless writers have torn their hair out in frustration, when they just couldn’t get their creative process going. Finding words that conjure up the right images and emotions in your readers is an art. So when you sit down to write the next article for your website or blog, no one can guarantee you a perfect mindset. But there are many methods to help you achieve it.

Here are five easy suggestions to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Carry a small notebook with you. You will be surprised how many ideas can be triggered by anything you hear, see or smell. Write down these thoughts. When you run out of ideas, refer back to your journal for inspiration. Ideas and creativity can come from anywhere – it’s up to you to develop them and make them unique.

2. Relax and unclutter your mind. If your mind is pre-occupied, there is no space for creative thinking.

3. Let your working environment inspire your creativity! A stressful working environment can be a hindrance to your creative article writing. A typical office environment with lots of distractions will not help. A clean and well-organized workplace is good, although I know a couple of writers who love a messy workplace. It all comes down to setting yourself up in an environment that inspires you and makes you feel comfortable.

4. Create the mood for writing. Maybe a cup of tea or a glass of wine will stir up the imagination. Some writers like to listen to mood music or simply use an inspiring location to get into the creative frame of mind.

5. Go and do something totally out of your ordinary routine. Maybe a weekend getaway – anything outside your comfort zone. Letting yourself go and having some fun produces adrenaline that can kick your imagination into overdrive!