6 SEO Tools That Make A Difference

There are times when the success of your SEO campaigns hinges on the tools that you’re using. Yup, no rocket science stuff or any of that, just the good old tools.

The thing is, without the right tools, running an SEO campaign can be very time consuming. It makes it so unfeasible that you might end-up reporting losses instead of returns on your annual audit.

That said, allow me to share with you 6 HIGHLY EFFECTIVE tools that you can use for your SEO campaigns. These tools, if used alongside your campaign will not only boost its efficiency, you’ll see a significant difference in results.

But before I even start sharing, I want you to know that I don’t want to be the only ones sharing my ideas. I can imagine that you also have you own set of SEO tools for your campaigns so I suggest that you share them as well.

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Now that we have that cleared, here are 6 HIGHLY EFFECTIVE SEO tools that you should take a look at…

  • OSE (Open Site Explorer)

If you aren’t using this tool yet, then you’re missing A LOT!

There are a lot of valuable things that OSE can tell you. It can help you with determining a domain’s authority, page authority, title and the URL of the linking pages etc…

These are information are very valuable when prospecting links and studying your competition.

  • SEO Quake

SEO Quake is another powerful tool when it comes to prospecting links.

As an example, when looking for blogs to link to, you can type in your niche on the search engine and customize the searches to show blogs only. Once you activate SEO Quake, you’ll then see the blog’s statistics like PR, Alexa Rank, the domains age, etc.

If you’re looking for quality site’s to link to, then using SEO Quake is definitely a must have for you.

  • Google Analytics

Almost every webmaster knows about Google analytics. It helps you track the number of people visiting your site, how long they’re staying there, the flow of which pages they click to next, etc…

This pretty much is an effective tool to check your site’s status.

  • Google Adwords

One of the first steps of doing your SEO right is to first determine what keywords to rank for. The Adwords tool helps you with just that.

You can see the keywords that searchers type in a months’ time and the tool will tell you an average of the number of searchers.

  • The Google Tools from SEO Chat

This tool helps you with a lot of things but one of the best things about it is it can tell you a site’s internal and external links.

This is a very powerful tool since you can use this to spy on your competitions site. Once you check out which site’s they’re linking too, you can add those on you’re the list of sites that you should build links on.

These tools are without a doubt crucial to your campaigns success.

Use these tools and you’ll have a better vantage point when planning and implementing your SEO campaigns.

It’s your turn!

Now that I’ve shared, I’d love to hear from you. Do let me know your thoughts on this at the comments section below. I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers!