SEO Articles – What Images to Use on Your Site

When writing your SEO articles, have you ever wondered how your images can affect you’re product’s marketability or your written sales pitch’s closing rates? We all know that images does in-fact help us optimize our contents, improve aesthetics, and increase the readability of our articles. But is that really all…?

To help you get a better understanding of how to increase your image’s effectivity when writing SEO articles, let me share with you the psychology behind how images can affect your contents and what type kind of images to use for maximum effectivity.

How images affect your SEO articles…

A lot of people are making the same mistake of using any kind of image which relates to their product thinking that it has the same effects. Provided that the image does relate to their product, it should be OK to use it right..? WRONG!

It’d be OK if you’re a mediocre and weren’t striving to maximize your sales but since we’re trying to get better closing rates, you’d have to be wise in what image to use.

Don’t just use any image; use an image that promotes positivity. This allows your viewers to make positive decisions like, shall we say… BUYING? What do I mean by pictures that promotes positivity? Picture this out… If you’re selling products which helps in better credit management, would using an image of a person that’s broke be better than using an image that shows a person having financial abundance or freedom?

In that scenario, the second image will have higher closing rates. Why you ask? It’s mainly because the first image instills fear or a negative feeling. When people are on a negative mind-set, chances are they don’t make the decision to buy simply because they’re thinking negatively at the moment. Negative thinking, whether it’s momentary or ongoing will promote more negative thoughts like distrust, doubt, scams etc… You seriously don’t think anyone with that kind of thinking pattern would buy right? RIGHT!

So if you have products to sell like, let’s say… shoes. Don’t even think about using an image of a person using a worn-out shoes or anything to that effect.

Using this technique or psychology can get you wonders if you apply it. Reap its benefits. Be sure to use this psychology when writing your SEO articles.

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