SEO Techniques – Anatomy of an Effective Article Part 1

When talking about SEO techniques, there are several things you can do on your article to make it SEO optimized. Since learning about optimizing your content is very crucial when setting-up your own business or even in freelancing, I’ll be sharing to you some basic tips on how to optimize your articles.

These tips are the most common one’s that are used today by writers. So if you’re still a beginner, these tips are definitely for you.

  • SEO Techniques #1 : Research your keywords

Other people (especially newbies) have a misconception on how keywords work. You’d see people trying to think at the top of their head what keywords they should be using based on what they think others would type in. Now although this is OK to some extent, you should always use the Google keyword tool to ensure that the actual word or phrase you’re using has a feasible monthly search. Otherwise, if the monthly searches are very high (or low for that matter), you can make the necessary adjustments.

  • SEO Techniques #2: Be conscious of the Keyword Density

You should already know by now that too much usage of a certain keyword in a single article will get you in A LOT of trouble. Over optimizing will get you penalized so be sure to be a bit conscious on your keyword density to make sure that you’re page is clean in the eyes of the Big G.

As a general rule, using the keyword/phrase once every one 100 words is the safe keyword density count. Although others say that it should be 2 – 3 percent, sticking to a 1% keyword density will put you on a safe spot.

  • SEO Techniques #3: Optimize your Image

NO matter how you look at this, optimizing your images versus not optimizing them will still make a difference no matter how small the impact is. That being said, why not optimize it then? When adding photos or images, be sure to add captions, titles etc… on your image which would help optimize your page.

These techniques are one of THE most common techniques that web masters are using in their ON-Page SEO. We still have more techniques to share so if you’re a newbie that’s still learning about what SEO is and the things that you can do to optimize your contents.

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By: Wilhelm Wepener