Why Linkbuilding Should Be A Part Of Your Marketing Campaign

There are tons of reasons why small and large businesses alike take the time and money to invest in link building campaigns. If you aren’t running one, then you have got to think twice about the situation that your company is at right now.

The thing is, contrary to what other marketers think, link building isn’t just really for SEO. The SEO playing field has been altered and updated so many times that it has already somehow integrated itself into all facets of online marketing.

Although link building is just one of SEO’s small branches, it has done the same for itself. It has integrated itself well with other internet marketing methods that you pretty much can’t live without it. Yep I said it, you can’t thrive online without link building.

If you’re wondering why EXACTLY you can’t thrive online without it, allow me to answer that question by telling you what benefits you can get from link building. After I’ve gone through these benefits (and I’ll just mention a couple of them), imagine what your business would be like without it.

Here are some of the benefits that you can get from link building…

1.) It builds meaningful relationships

Although this is one of the most obvious byproducts of link building, A LOT of webmasters or business owners are wondering why they don’t seem to have any “meaningful relationships” with other webmasters even if their SEO team has acquired TONS OF LINKS for them.

The answer..? It depends on how the links were acquired and to whom they acquired it from.

This is one of the main reasons why business owners should be very careful when choosing which SEO team to work with. If you’re talking to a person who’ll tell you these things, then be very careful…

a) You’ll get hundreds or thousands of .Edu or high PR links in a week’s time

It’s impossible to get hundreds or thousands of links from these types of sites unless it’s pre-made by them for the purpose of link building (which would make the site low quality), or they’re paying, spamming, etc….

Take note that getting these large amounts of links in such a short span of time can be VERY DANGEROUS to your business. Link velocity is very important and yours won’t look normal at all if you SUDDENLY acquired hundreds of links (whether high or low quality) in a short span of time when you’ve only been acquiring 1 -20 links on average.

b.) You’ll rank better because they’ll submit your contents to hundreds of article directory sites

Stay clear from article directory sites or content farms. It just doesn’t have the value that it used to have. In fact, it’s pretty much useless (except for the fact that your content can be syndicated through them which is also highly unlikely).

No matter how good they make submitting content to directory site sound, it’s hardly true. Posting on article directory sites just isn’t advisable nowadays.

These among many others isn’t something that SEO companies should do.

A legitimate SEO company who does quality backlink will first and foremost look for quality websites. By quality I meant highly relevant, good PR, trust flow, etc… They then do outreach to connect with the other webmaster.

They then pitch for a link via guest posting, link bait, etc… The key thing to remember is that they did not spam your link to thousands of low quality sites.

2.) It makes you an authority

The reason behind this is that you are recognized by webmasters or bloggers on your field since you’ve already connected with them.

Once the connection has already been made, you tend to get endorsed, interviewed, asked for your opinion, which all makes you look like an expert/authority in your field of practice.

3.) It drives traffic therefore… more chances of sales!

Once you already have your backlink setup on the other sites, there’s a high possibility of their readers will click through your link to get more info about you.

It then drives targeted traffic to your site since their readers are interested in what your niche is about. Once you have all of these readers/traffic on your site, it’s just a matter of time before they start buying.

4.) Helps you with ranking.

Quality link building helps you rank because of the link juice that the other site passes to your site. Links are considered as votes by search engines when checking the quality of your site.

The more high quality sites are linking to you, the more it tells Google that these high quality sites are endorsing you.

These endorsements are VERY CRUCIAL to your site’s ranking.

5.) A sustainable and high quality way of SEOing

I would even go as far as saying that off-page SEO = link building is already 90% correct. That’s how important link building is to your SEO.

The better links you have with other high quality and relevant sites, the better and more robust your SEO gets.

Now as I mentioned in the beginning of this article… think about not having any of these benefits. Can you seriously foresee yourself surviving let alone thriving online?

I can imagine that your answer is no.

It’s your turn!

Whatever ideas or tips you have about why business owners should do link building, I suggest that you share it in the comments section below. I look forward to reading your comments. Cheers!